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Below, we explain how to establish contact with this telecommunications company.

All you need to know about Finecom

Finecom is the former name of the company Quickline. It is a Swiss telecommunications company founded in 1993 and located in Nidau. In 2005, it was acquired by Besonet AG and rebranded as Finecom. The company offers a wide range of innovative products to private customers, small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • TV/radio subscription offers;
  • Fixed and mobile telephony;
  • Other customized products for families and professionals.

For the marketing of its products, the company collaborates with numerous partnerships in the region. Therefore, the distribution area of this internet service provider continues to expand: from the northwest of Switzerland to Valais and from Mittelland through Central Switzerland to Grisons and Eastern Switzerland. Quickline’s services are available through both cable network and fiber optics infrastructures.

Contact Finecom (Quickline): the various possible means

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter Finecom ?

The choice of your internet, telephony, TV/Radio subscription should not be random. Before subscribing to an offer, you should first inquire. For this, we suggest visiting the company’s website. Online, you will find detailed information on the various offers. Additionally, you can also consult the help page and FAQ section for access to numerous practical information.

However, if you have a specific request and want to receive a personalized response, you should contact the customer service.

Contact Finecom by phone

Request information, get assistance, report a problem, make a comment… Whatever the reason for your request, you can directly call the customer service at 0800841020. Note that this number is available from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 21:00 and on Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00.

Other communication channels

Certainly, phone calls are a very effective means of contact. However, for certain requests, it is more practical to opt for other communication channels.D’ailleurs, ce fournisseur d’accès internet présente d’autres options pour être contacté : 

Finecom (Quickline) sur les réseaux sociaux 

Cette entreprise de télécommunication mobile régulièrement partage sur les plateformes sociales des offres attractives. Ainsi, suivez les comptes de votre fournisseur internet et contactez les responsables si vous avez des interrogations :  

  • Facebook :!%2Fquickline%3Fsk=wall
  • Instagram :
  • Linkedin :
  • YouTube :


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