Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Joindre V-Zug en Suisse : coordonnées des magasins, assistance en ligne

Joindre V-Zug en Suisse : coordonnées des magasins, assistance en ligne

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  • How to reach out to V-Zug to place an online order?
  • Are you interested in knowing more about V-Zug’s return policy?
  • Do you want to file a complaint or request a refund from V-Zug?

You will find essential contacts to connect with V-Zug in Switzerland, whether by phone, online, or via email.

Introduction to V-Zug in Switzerland

The Swiss company V-Zug, specialized in the production of high-quality household appliances, was founded in 1913 in Zug, Switzerland.

V-Zug’s history began in 1913 when Walter Vogt established a household appliances manufacturing company in Zug, Switzerland, under the initial name of Walter Vogt AG. Initially focused on washing machines and irons, the company was renamed V-Zug in 1924, derived from the contraction of « Vogt-Zug. » Over the years, the product range expanded to include cookers, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

Renowned for its innovation and design, V-Zug was among the pioneers in launching products such as the induction cooker and the steam oven. Committed to sustainability, the company incorporates recyclable materials and eco-energy technologies into its products.

Explore the Range of Products and Services Offered by V-Zug

Offering a wide range of luxury household appliances for the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry, V-Zug uses high-quality materials and advanced technologies.

From cookers to refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines, the company offers a variety of choices, from traditional to contemporary models.

V-Zug stands out for its commitment to sustainability, incorporating recyclable materials and energy-saving technologies into its products.

In addition to offering a 10-year warranty on all its products, the company provides comprehensive services, including delivery, installation, and a repair and maintenance service, to help customers optimize the use of their household appliances.

Contact V-Zug’s Customer Service: How to Proceed?

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Joindre V-Zug en Suisse : coordonnées des magasins, assistance en ligne

To contact V-Zug’s customer service, several options are available to you.

How to Contact V-Zug’s Customer Support via Their Website?

You can also reach out to the customer service online. For detailed information on the services offered, please visit the company’s official website at and go to the « Contact » section. You will find a form to fill out carefully,providing all necessary details. Upon completion of the form, you can transmit it to the relevant department to receive personalized assistance. By combining these options, you have convenient means to get in touch with V-Zug’s customer service.

How to reach V-Zug’s customer service by phone?

If you have inquiries about a product or an order at V-Zug, feel free to reach out to a member of the customer service team at +41 58 767 67 65

or 00800 850 850 00. They are available to assist you from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. Seize this opportunity to discuss your inquiry with a competent representative during these extended hours.

How to contact the appliance company via email?

This is an ideal option for queries that do not require an immediate response. You have the option to send your questions via email to the following address: V-Zug’s customer service team will handle the processing of your inquiry.

How to follow the company’s updates on social media?

If you prefer to use social platforms to communicate with V-Zug, you can find them on various networks. These channels provide a direct way to ask questions or share your concerns. Generally, companies actively monitor their social media accounts and respond to customer messages within a reasonable timeframe.


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