Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Joindre Poggenpohl en Suisse : coordonnées des magasins, assistance en ligne

Joindre Poggenpohl en Suisse : coordonnées des magasins, assistance en ligne

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  • How can I reach out to Poggenpohl in Switzerland via email or telephone?
  • Are you looking to file a grievance with Poggenpohl?
  • Are you considering making a return or requesting a refund?

Here are all the essential contact details to connect with Poggenpohl in Switzerland, whether by phone, online, or via email.

The presentation of the enterprise Poggenpohl

Established in 1892 by Heinrich Poggenpohl in Herford, Germany, the Poggenpohl company, known for its production of high-end kitchens, has evolved over the years to offer a diversity of styles, encompassing both traditional kitchens and modern, contemporary, and minimalist designs.

Famous for its innovative design, quality manufacturing, and commitment to sustainability, Poggenpohl now holds a prominent position among high-end kitchen brands in Europe and North America.

Explore the variety of products and services offered by Poggenpohl

Offering a wide range of kitchens tailored to all budgets and styles, the company provides complete kitchens, worktops, cabinets, sinks, cooktops, and high-quality appliances.

From traditional kitchens, from simple to elaborate models, designed in wood, metal, or composite materials, to modern, minimalist, and contemporary kitchens, in glass, stainless steel, or sophisticated composite materials, Poggenpohl offers diversity that caters to everyone’s preferences.

Regularly collaborating with renowned designers and architects, Poggenpohl creates exclusive collections showcased in international kitchen shows.

In addition to providing expert design and decoration advice, the company offers comprehensive services, including free delivery and installation for orders exceeding a certain amount.

Poggenpohl’s decoration advisors are available to guide customers in choosing the ideal kitchen based on their style and needs, while assisting them in planning the optimal layout of their kitchen space.

By adding a financing program that allows interest-free installment payments, Poggenpohl strives to make the purchasing experience as enjoyable and accessible as possible for its clientele.

Different ways to contact Poggenpohl’s customer service

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Joindre Poggenpohl en Suisse : coordonnées des magasins, assistance en ligne

Several options are available to contact Poggenpohl’s customer service.

How to reach Poggenpohl’s customer service by phone?

If you have any questions regarding your orderPoggenpohl, feel free to get in touch with a member of the customer support team by dialing the +49 5221 381 0. Customer support is available to assist you from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 9 pm, and also on Saturday and Sunday, from 8 am to 7 pm. Take advantage of these extended hours to discuss your order with a knowledgeable representative.

How to Reach Poggenpohl through a Website?

You also have the option to contact customer support online. To learn more about the services offered, visit the company’s official website at and go to the « Contact » section. A contact form is available, which should be carefully filled out with all the required information. Once the form is completed, send it to the appropriate department for personalized assistance. By combining these options, you have practical means to get in touch with the company’s customer service.

What is Poggenpohl’s Email Address?

If your questions do not require an immediate response, you can send your inquiries via email using this email address: The Poggenpohl customer service team will handle the processing of your request.

How to Follow Poggenpohl’s News on Social Media?

If you prefer to use social platforms to communicate with Poggenpohl, you can find them on different networks. These channels provide a direct way to ask questions or share your concerns. Generally, companies actively monitor their social media accounts and respond to customer messages within a reasonable time frame.


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