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How to Reach easyJet Switzerland: Assistance and Detail of Services

If you want to get in touch with easyJet Switzerland established on 23/12/1999 In operation and explore all of its services, Passenger air transport, as well as the inquiries that can be handled by phone, follow this comprehensive guide.

Cause: easyJet Switzerland


Local Unit:55401861

Size:500-999 employees

1. Official Website of easyJet Switzerland:

Visit the official website of easyJet Switzerland SA to get the most up-to-date information about its services and contact options. Most airlines provide a « Contact » or « Customer Service » section on their site.

easyJet Switzerland SA

Passenger air transport



2. Phone Number of easyJet Switzerland:

Look for the phone number of easyJet Switzerland. This number is often dedicated to general inquiries, reservations, flight information, etc.

3. Services Offered by easyJet Switzerland:

Explore the complete range of services offered by easyJet Switzerland SA. This may include:

  • Passenger air transport
  • Flight reservations
  • Flight modifications and cancellations
  • Baggage information
  • Loyalty program
  • Onboard services (meals, entertainment, etc.)
  • Online check-in options
  • Refund policies

4. Inquiries Handled by Phone at easyJet Switzerland:

Identify the specific types of inquiries that can be handled over the phone. This may include:

  • Flight reservation and confirmation
  • Itinerary changes
  • Information on delays and cancellations
  • Baggage management
  • Questions about the loyalty program
  • Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility
  • Claims and refunds

5. Online Contact Form:

easyJet Switzerland offers an online contact form. This can be useful for specific requests or issues that require additional documentation.



6. Social Media:

easyJet Switzerland is active on social media. Follow the official accounts on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook for quick updates and to ask questions.

7. Customer Service Hours to effectively and obtain all necessary information about its services.

9. Address of easyJet Switzerland:

5 Route de l’Aéroport -1215 Genève


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