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Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment faire pour CONTACTER ZURICH depuis la SUISSE

Reaching out to ZURICH Customer Service in Switzerland

Zurich Insurance Group’s network of agencies serves as a global platform for selling and distributing insurance products within the Zurich General Agency. This extensive structure operates worldwide, offering a variety of insurance products such as car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, and life insurance.

Independent insurance experts lead the Zurich General Agencies and are available to assist clients in finding the best coverage for their specific needs. These agencies also provide 24/7 customer service, ensuring continuous support.

Here are some examples of insurance products available within Zurich General Agencies:

Car insurance: Mandatory for all drivers in Switzerland, it covers damages to third parties in case of an accident.

Home insurance: Protects against damages to your home and its contents in case of fire, theft, water damage, or other events.

Health insurance: Covers medical expenses in case of illness or accident.

Life insurance: Protects your loved ones in the event of your death.

In addition to these products, Zurich’s insurance agents offer additional services such as insurance advice to help you find the best coverage, claims management in case of incidents, and quality customer support available 24/7.

Contacting ZURICH in Switzerland by Phone

What is the phone number for ZURICH Customer Service in Switzerland?

If you want to contact Zurich’s customer service by phone, dial the following number: +41 32 421 42 14. Standard call charges may apply. Zurich’s customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 7 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm. Feel free to call them for any assistance you may need.


This phone number to contact Zurich’s customer service remains the same throughout Europe. Should you require assistance, do not hesitate to dial +41 32 421 42 14 to get in touch with their dedicated team. They will be happy to assist you.

How to write to ZURICH?

Open your web browser and go to the official Zurich website.

  • Log in to your Zurich account if you have one. Explore the site to find the section dedicated to contacting or customer support.
  • This section may be located in the footer, the main menu, or in a help section.
  • In the « Contact » section, look for the contact form. Once you have found the form, fill in the required fields. These fields may include your name, email address, the subject of your request, and a text area to explain your issue or question.
  • Ensure that you verify that all the information you have provided is correct before submitting the form. Click on the button or option to send your request. Some sites may have an additional verification step before submitting.

Once you have submitted your request, wait for Zurich’s response. They should contact you by email or through other means you have specified. Note that the instructions may vary slightly depending on updates to the Zurich website. If you cannot find the contact form, check the website’s help section or look for specific information in the FAQ.


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