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Contacting the customer service of the BERNE STATION in Switzerland

The Berne station, also known as Bahnhof Bern in German, serves as a major hub of the Swiss railway network, located in the heart of the capital, Bern. In 2022, it ranks as the second busiest station in Switzerland, welcoming 276,000 passengers daily, coming in second after Zurich.

Strategically located near the Parliament Hill and the old town, the Berne station provides connections between national and regional trains, as well as trams and buses, reinforcing its central role in the city’s transportation system.

The station’s history dates back to its construction in 1877, followed by several extensions over the centuries. Its main building, an example of neo-renaissance architecture, is adorned with sculptures and frescoes depicting scenes from mythology and Swiss history.

The station offers a diverse range of services for travelers, including ticket counters, ticket vending machines, toilets, restaurants, cafes, and free Wi-Fi, ensuring a convenient and welcoming environment.

As a vital hub for Switzerland, the Berne station maintains an essential link between the capital and the rest of the country. Some interesting facts about it include its location on the site of the former Berne-Mittelland station opened in 1848, its design by architects Ludwig von Hoffherr and Alexander von Senger, a major renovation in 1997-1998, and the presence of a statue of William Tell, an iconic Swiss national hero. The Berne station transcends its functional role to become a symbol of the city and the Swiss nation.

Contacting the BERNE STATION in Switzerland by phone

What is the phone number for the customer service of the BERNE STATION in Switzerland?

THE BERNE STATION provides its customer service to answer all your queries, whether it’s regarding your reservations, information about services, or any other request. You can contact the dedicated team at +41 (0) 800 44 22 66 from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.


This number remains the same throughout Europe, ensuring uniform accessibility for customers from different countries. Feel free to dial +41 (0) 800 44 22 66 to get in touch with their dedicated team, ready to assist you to the best of their ability.

How to write to THE BERNE STATION?

For any written correspondence with THE BERNE STATION, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website of the BERNE STATION and click on the « Contact » button in the footer.
  • Select the topic that corresponds to your issue or concern from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the appropriate sub-topic on the following page.
  • If available, select the « Contact Us » or « Write to Us » option.
  • Fill out the electronic form with your name, email address, booking number (if applicable), and a detailed description of your issue or concern.
  • Click the « Send » button to submit your email.

The customer service team at BERNE STATION will receive your email and make every effort to respond to you as soon as possible. Although a high volume of emails is processed every day, BERNE STATION is committed to providing excellent customer service and resolving your issues quickly and efficiently.


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