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Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment faire pour CONTACTER BOSCH CAR SERVICE depuis la SUISSE

Get in touch with the customer service of BOSCH CAR SERVICE in Switzerland

Bosch Car Service has established its presence in Belgium since 1924 with the opening of a subsidiary in Brussels. Engaged in various sectors in Belgium, Bosch plays a significant role in automotive, industry, construction, security, and consumer goods.

In Belgium, Bosch invests in the following areas:

Automotive: As a global leader, Bosch provides automotive components and systems. Its presence in Belgium encompasses a variety of products and services, including injection systems, braking systems, transmission systems, and infotainment systems.

Industry: Bosch offers a variety of industrial products and services, ranging from electric motors to control systems, as well as machine tools and handling equipment. Its activities in Belgium cover the manufacturing, energy, and logistics sectors.

Construction: In the field of construction, Bosch offers a diverse range of products such as pumps, compressors, heating, and air conditioning systems. In Belgium, Bosch is involved in residential, commercial, and industrial construction.

Security: Bosch offers a wide range of security products and services, including alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and access control systems. In Belgium, Bosch is active in private, public, and industrial security sectors.

Consumer goods: Bosch offers consumer products such as power tools, household appliances, and home security systems. Its presence in Belgium extends to the distribution and retail sectors.

Contact BOSCH CAR SERVICE in Switzerland by phone

What is the telephone number of the customer service for BOSCH CAR SERVICE in Switzerland?

BOSCH CAR SERVICE provides its customer service to address all your inquiries, whether it’s about your orders, product information, or any other request. You can contact the dedicated team at +32 2 525 51 85, from Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and on Saturday from 9am to 6pm.


This number remains the same throughout Europe, ensuring uniform accessibility for customers from different countries. Feel free to dial +32 2 525 51 85 to get in touch with their dedicated team, ready to assist you to the best of their ability.

How to write to BOSCH CAR SERVICE?

For any written correspondence with BOSCH CAR SERVICE, follow these steps:

  • Visit the BOSCH CAR SERVICE website and click on the « Contact » button in the footer.
  • Select the relevant subject for your issue or concern from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the appropriate subtopic on the next page.
  • If available, select the « Contact Us » or « Write to Us » option.
  • Fill out the electronic form with your name, email address, order number (if applicable), and a detailed description of your issue or concern.
  • Click the « Send » button to submit your email.

The customer service team of BOSCH CAR SERVICE will receive your email and strive to respond to you as soon as possible. Although a high volume of emails is processed daily, BOSCH CAR SERVICE is committed to providing excellent customer service and resolving your issues quickly and effectively.


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