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Complete Guide to Reaching Transaflor SA in Switzerland with Your Contact Information in a Click

Discover Transaflor SA: A Comprehensive Overview of Its Contact Details and How to Get in Touch

Welcome to our detailed exploration of Transaflor SA, a company dedicated to wholesale trade of flowers and plants which has been in operation since 05/11/1990 at the Transaflor SA under a local unit with the number 61374616 and Unique Identifier.

Whether you are a potential customer, a business partner, or simply curious, we have gathered all the necessary information to get in touch with Transaflor SA.

Company Name : Transaflor SA

ID Number:CHE101771342

Anonymity Type:Anonymous company

Address :74 Route de Base 1258 Perly

Activity :

Branch : Wholesale trade of flowers and plants

NOGA Code:462200

Fax : 41227866659

Email :

Website :

Ways to Contact Transaflor SA

1. Online via Official Website :

The most direct method to get in touch with Transaflor SA is to visit its official website.

Navigate to the « Contact Us » section or equivalent, where you will find contact forms, specific email addresses, and possibly information about support hours.

2. Phone Call :

If you prefer direct interaction, dial Transaflor SA’s main phone number. Be sure to note the customer service hours to ensure your call is attended to.

3. Using Social Media :

Modern businesses are often present on social media. Look for Transaflor SA on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Send direct messages or use comments to ask your questions.

4. By Fax :

If you prefer formal written communication, the company can be contacted by fax using the provided number.


5. Through Email :

The main email address is a quick way to get answers to your questions. Be sure to include detailed information for a quicker response.

6. In Person :

If you are in the area, visit the physical address of Transaflor SA. Be sure to check the opening hours and, if necessary, make an appointment in advance.

Additional Information

In conclusion, getting in touch with Transaflor SA is a simple process thanks to the various communication options it offers. Whether you prefer online communication, telephone, or in-person, Transaflor SA is ready to answer your questions and provide you with the necessary information. Feel free to explore their website for specific details and choose the method that best suits your needs.

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