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Find in this article all the necessary contact details.

Introduction to

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TikTok refers to a mobile social networking and video sharing application launched in September 2016. It is the company ByteDance that developed this application for the non-Chinese market. Its logo depicts a musical note. It can perfectly adapt to iOS, Android smartphones and is also compatible with Windows. Sometimes users of this kind of application encounter more or less major problems.

In this case, it is preferable to seek help from the application’s customer service. There are multiple ways to get in touch with the latter. Indeed, there are several options available depending on the request to be made and according to each user’s personal habits.

How to Reach

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The Internet remains an effective means of communication in various domains. For any personal information related to your account, you can send an email to the address: For transaction issues or items purchased for TikTok, the appropriate address is

To obtain more information about the application’s various features, you can use the address The diversification of email addresses demonstrates the efficiency of TikTok’s customer service. It is up to you to write an email to the appropriate address according to your respective needs, and you will receive a suitable response.

Furthermore, for advertisements and press information, you can contact TikTok’s customer service at the email address: This address will allow press professionals to request an interview as well as other professional information.

It may also happen that you wish to postpone or cancel any advertisement for later. Therefore, for any advertisement to be made on this famous application, the corresponding email address is:

On the TikTok application, there is room for everyone. Just make sure not to send your email to the wrong address to avoid wasting time.

TikTok Customer Service Postal Address

It is evident that communication via social networks is essential today. However, you may prefer to send a letter for any personal request. In this case, a postal address is provided by TikTok’s customer service: Tik Tok, 10100 VeniceBlvd., Culver City, CA 90232, USA, United States. From this information, you can deduce that the headquarters is not located in France, but in California.


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