Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter ?

Comment contacter ?

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  • Do you need to get in touch with Reddit’s support?
  • Wondering what is the preferred channel?
  • Is it possible to proceed via telephone and postal mail?
  • On which social networks is Reddit present?

To answer these questions, discover the contact details below to reach a member of the Reddit team. Additionally, this article will provide a brief overview of the company.

Presentation of Reddit

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter ?

Reddit is an American community-based website for social news and discussions. The most viewed links of the moment are displayed on the homepage. Founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, and Aaron Swartz, the site initially contained mainly science and programming content. Since then, Reddit has continued to diversify and publish more mainstream content. It experienced exponential growth in 2010, partly due to a decline in popularity of Digg (its main competitor). It ranks as the 6th most popular website in the USA and 20th in the world in 2020, according to Alexa Internet.

AMAs or « Ask me anything » is one of the site’s sections that has the most impact outside the community. This is where an important personality answers users’ questions, usually in a promotional framework. During his 2012 presidential campaign, Barack Obama is known to have caused the site’s temporary unavailability due to the generated traffic. Reddit is funded by paid subscriptions to Reddit Premium and online advertising.

The company’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, USA.

Contacting How to proceed?

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter ?

For any reason, do you want to get in touch with Reddit’s customer service? The ideal is to go to their website. You will also find a forum where you can get help from the community.

Furthermore, note that it is not possible to contact a member of the Reddit team by phone. Indeed, no phone line has been set up.

However, you can proceed via postal mail. Then, send your mail to one of these addresses:

  • Reddit, Inc. 548 Market St. #16093 San Francisco, California 94104 if you have a complaint or questions regarding Reddit’s privacy policy.
  • Reddit Ireland Limited 70 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay Ireland 2 for any inquiries about their data practices.

Additionally, you can reach a customer advisor by writing to the address

Finally, find the company on social networks such as:

Tweets by Reddit


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