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Below are the details to contact Max Moor along with his biography.

Who is Max Moor?

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Max Moor, whose real name is Dieter Moor, is a Swiss television presenter born on May 1, 1958 in Zurich. He earned his diploma at the Zurich Academy of Dramatic Arts and worked as an actor in German-speaking countries. Following the completion of his studies, he attended the Zurich Academy of Dramatic Arts and pursued a career as an actor in film and theater. Until 2003, he lived with his second spouse Sonja, a film producer, on a small farm in Bäretswil.

In 2003, the couple decided to fully dedicate themselves to agriculture and relocated to Hirschfelde. Sonja Moor left her role as a producer and underwent agricultural training. During their time in Hirschfelde, lasting until 2017, they operated a 70-hectare biodynamic farm. Their livestock included water buffaloes and Galloway cattle, among others.

To promote « ecological and social coexistence » in their model village project of Hirschfelde, they both actively participated. In his book titled « Flo und der Schnüffel-Buffalo, » Max Moor shares his experiences with water buffaloes in Brandenburg.

Max Moor changed his first name as he disliked Dieter and wanted to rectify his parents’ decision. Since 2013, he has been known as Max Moor. His daughter from his first marriage, Miriam Stein, is an actress.

Max Moor’s Pathways

Moor’s professional career began at ORF, where he hosted the cultural magazine « Kunst-Teile » from 1985 to 1991. Subsequently, he worked as a radio host on the call-in show « Talk Radio » for ORF.

In 1998, Moor produced the satirical show « EX! Ce qui a excité la nation » about famous scandals in German history. He also hosted the late-night daily show « Night Moor, » later renamed « Moor, » for Swiss television. Concurrently with the « Harald Schmidt Show. » However, following a public controversy between Moor and his manager regarding the show’s content, the program was canceled in 1999.

From 2000, he alternated with Heide Schmidt as the host of the talk show « ATV Headline Talk » on Austrian television. In 2004, he produced the regular TV commentary « Das Wunder von Moor » for ARD during the 2004 UEFA European Championship in Portugal.

In July 2006, Moor temporarily replaced Andrea Meier as the host of the cultural magazine « Kulturzeit » broadcasted on the 3sat network. In 2006, he also hosted radio shows for the online-exclusive radio LoungeFM until June 2008. He presented special programs and features on 3sat in 2007.

Since 2007, Moor has been presenting the « 3sat around the world in 24 hours » themed day as a host and « tourist guide. » Several episodes of the series « World Treasures » are aired during these themed days.

Every contact detail to connect with Max Moor

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter Max Moor ?

Here are the various methods to connect with Max Moor.

The postal address to reach the television presenter

If you want to get in touch with Max Moor, you can send through postal mail. If you prefer to send a letter, you can write to the following address:

Berner Fachhochschule

Technology and informatics

Further education

Aarbergstrasse 46

2503 Biel

Follow the television presenter on social media 

If you want to stay updated on Max Moor’s news in a quick and easy way. Hence, social media is an excellent option. You can follow him on his official accounts, comment on his posts, and even send him a message. 

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