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Overall, there are various reasons to get in touch with Marshall, and the brand is generally willing to assist its clients and cater to their requirements.

Introducing Marshall 

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter Marshall ?

Marshall Headphones is a Swiss brand specialized in the production of audio headphones and accessories for music enthusiasts. The brand was founded in 1962 by Jim Marshall, a guitarist and music teacher, who started making guitar amplifiers in his music store in London.

Today, Marshall is renowned for its iconic vintage design and powerful sound, providing an authentic listening experience for music enthusiasts. The brand’s products include wireless headphones, earphones, Bluetooth speakers, guitar amplifiers, and accessories, all designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and classic aesthetics.

The Swiss subsidiary of Marshall Headphones, based in Zurich, offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products for Swiss music lovers. Aside from offering exceptional products, the brand stands out for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, using sustainable materials and collaborating with ethical suppliers and partners.

Discovering Marshall’s Products 

Marshall offers a wide range of high-quality audio products, including:

Wireless Headphones: Marshall’s wireless headphones provide a convenient and superior wireless listening experience, with long battery life, active noise-cancellation technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and exceptional sound quality.

Earphones: The brand’s earphones offer superior sound in a compact, portable format, with a variety of styles and features to meet the needs of every user.

Bluetooth Speakers: Marshall’s Bluetooth speakers deliver an exceptional listening experience for music enthusiasts on the go, with powerful sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity, and long battery life.

Guitar Amplifiers: The brand also offers a range of guitar amplifiers for professional musicians and enthusiasts, providing exceptional sound quality and advanced features for a superior playing experience.

Accessories: Finally, the brand also offers a range of accessories to complement the audio experience, including protective cases, audio cables, and rechargeable batteries.

All the Contact Information to Reach out to Marshall

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter Marshall ?

There are various methods to reach out toen rapport avec la marque.

Le contact téléphonique de Marshall

Merci d’appeler le service client de Marshall en utilisant les numéros ci-dessous : 02 72 24 05 35 ou 00 44 19 08 37 54 11

Comment entrer en contact avec Marshall via son site internet ?

Pour atteindre Marshall, vous avez la possibilité de visiter leur site officiel à cette adresse : Sur leur site, vous pourrez accéder à la page « Contactez-nous » afin de trouver les informations de contact pertinentes telles que le formulaire de contact. 

Contacter la marque Marshall par courriel

Pour joindre le service client de Marshall, merci d’envoyer un courriel à cette adresse :

Comment suivre les actualités de Marshall sur les réseaux sociaux ?

Vous avez également la possibilité de contacter Marshall via les réseaux sociaux tels que Facebook ou Instagram en envoyant un message privé à leur compte officiel.


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