Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter la Gare de Bâle SBB ?

Comment contacter la Gare de Bâle SBB ?

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  • Inquire about train schedules at the Bâle SBB Train Station?
  • Would you like to ask about the services provided at the station?
  • Need to reach the station’s customer service to file a complaint about a service or product offered at the station?

We encourage you to read this article to discover the various methods to contact the Bâle SBB Train Station.

Presentation of Bâle SBB Train Station

The Bâle SBB Train Station is the main railway station in Bâle, Switzerland. It is one of the country’s most important stations and serves as a significant international transport hub.

For travelers needing to store their luggage, luggage lockers are available at the station. This allows for easier movement around the city without being burdened by luggage.

Information points are located at various spots in the station to assist travelers by answering their questions. The Bâle SBB Train Station offers a variety of shops, kiosks, and restaurants where travelers can make purchases, dine, or grab a coffee before their journey.

The station is equipped to accommodate passengers with reduced mobility, with access ramps, elevators, and other facilities to facilitate their movement.

Services offered by Bâle SBB Train Station

The station has ticket counters where you can purchase tickets for national and international trains. Ticket vending machines are also available to facilitate ticket purchases.

For travelers with babies, changing facilities are generally available in the restrooms. Ticket vending machines and sometimes bank branches are present at the station.

Many areas of the Bâle SBB Train Station are equipped with free Wi-Fi, providing travelers with the opportunity to connect to the internet during their stay at the station.

Comfortable waiting areas are available for passengers who wish to rest or relax while waiting for their train. The station is designed to provide easy access to the platforms, and information boards display real-time departures and arrivals.

Some stations offer car rental services, allowing travelers to easily rent a car to continue their journey after leaving the station.

All the contact details to get in touch with the Bâle SBB Train Station

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter la Gare de Bâle SBB ?

There are several ways to contact the authorities of the Bâle SBB Train Station.

How to contact the customer service of the Bâle SBB Train Station?

Before contacting the authorities of the Bâle SBB Train Station, we suggest you check their official website for the most up-to-date contact information.

site internet. Vous y trouverez de multiples informations utiles en ligne qui pourraient satisfaire votre interrogation ou votre demande spécifique. Ceci vous permettra d’accéder à des renseignements préliminaires avant de contacter directement la gare.

Quelle est la méthode pour atteindre cette gare par téléphone ?

Pour une réponse rapide, le coup de fil est le moyen de contact le plus performant. Vous pouvez composer le numéro suivant : +41 61 271 37 23. Ce numéro est disponible pendant les heures ouvrables et vous permettra de rejoindre directement les gestionnaires de la Gare de Bâle SBB.

Comment établir un contact avec les responsables de la  Gare de Bâle SBB ?

Pour entrer en communication avec le service clientèle de la Gare de Bâle SBB, vous avez la possibilité de les joindre par correspondance en envoyant votre lettre à l’adresse suivante :

La Gare de Bâle SBB

Centralbahnstrasse 10, 

4051 Basel, Suisse.

Comment suivre cette gare via les médias sociaux ?

Récemment, il est tout à fait possible de contacter le service client de la gare via les réseaux sociaux. Les équipes de la gare sont très actives sur ces plateformes et sont habituellement rapides à répondre à toutes les demandes des clients.

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