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The following details will assist you in exploring the biography of this influencer. Additionally, you’ll find different ways to get in touch with Graphiam here.

All about the Youtuber Graphiam

William Roth, a YouTuber from Vaud who goes by the pseudonym Graphiam, has accumulated 129,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Furthermore, his channel is dedicated to the world of the Japanese gaming giant. Although he has been a partner since 2017, he doesn’t consider himself an influencer. The Swiss YouTuber, Graphiam, derives his pseudonym from the combination of the words « graphics » and « William » Roth. At 24, he resides in La Tour-de-Peilz.

He started gaining recognition within the Nintendo community. Graphiam has been passionate about Nintendo games since childhood, starting at the age of 3 or 4. He used to play with his father, which made it his preferred universe. However, this football fan doesn’t turn down a game of Fifa 23 or Call of Duty on his Xbox.

Why collaborate with Graphiam?

What truly sets Graphiam apart from the competition is the content. Graphiam, a Swiss YouTuber, is a staunch admirer of the Japanese video game company, Nintendo. From gaming to sports analysis, his channel offers something for everyone. With a solid existing clientele, it’s clear that Graphiam is doing something right.

William Roth, a student at Eracom, has a passion for the console and games from the Japanese brand. He was offered a partnership by the company for his online videos. He uploads two videos a month, recording them in his themed room.

All available contact details for reaching Graphiam

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If you wish to get in touch with this influencer to send an encouraging message or propose a collaboration, how can you reach out?

The email address to contact Graphiam:

For any inquiries, various communication methods are at your disposal. You can directly email Graphiam at this address:

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