Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter Deutsche Bank (Suisse) SA ?

Comment contacter Deutsche Bank (Suisse) SA ?

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  • Do you have a query about your account?
  • What is the phone number for the customer service of Deutsche Bank?
  • How to reach out to my bank to report an issue?
  • How to file a complaint with Deutsche Bank?

If any of these questions are on your mind, this article is for you! Discover right away the presentation of Deutsche Bank, as well as the contact details to reach its customer service.

All you need to know about Deutsche Bank

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter Deutsche Bank (Suisse) SA ?

Deutsche Bank was established in 1870 in Berlin by Adelbert Delbrück. In Switzerland, it employs nearly 600 individuals in the Private Bank, DWS, and Corporate Bank/Investment Bank divisions. The goal of this bank is to streamline banking transactions and exchanges between Germany, other European countries, and foreign countries. Deutsche Bank offers banking services to its clients in several categories:

  • The Private & Business Clients range offers services in terms of current accounts, deposits, loans, investments, and pensions.
  • Health products, particularly life insurance, and family solutions.
  • Corporate finance covers everything related to mergers and acquisitions, advisory services, and equity transactions.

It is worth mentioning that this bank is present in nearly 70 countries with 2,963 subsidiaries, including 1,944 in Germany.

Contacting Deutsche Bank: the bank’s contact details

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter Deutsche Bank (Suisse) SA ?

Why do you want to contact this bank? If it’s for simple information, it’s advisable to check the company’s website. Many useful pieces of information are published on the site. You can quickly find an answer to your question there. However, for a specific request, you will need to contact the customer service for personalized assistance. For this, the company offers various communication channels:

Phone number to reach the customer service of Deutsche Bank

For any general information inquiry, a phone call is the preferred means of contact. The customer service can provide you with information about the company’s various activities. Additionally, they can redirect you to the relevant department for any specific queries. To contact them, simply dial: +41 44 224 50 00.

Send postal mail to Deutsche Bank

At certain times, it can be challenging to reach the customer service by phone. In such cases, you can use alternate communication methods to submit your request. For any feedback regarding your account and other bank products, please reach out to the customer service via mail at:

Deutsche Bank (Suisse) SA


Hardstrasse 201

Case postale 3555

8021 Zurich

It is advisable to provide a detailed explanation of your request and all necessary information. This will enable the authorities to respond to you promptly.


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