Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter Adidas ?

Comment contacter Adidas ?

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  • How to connect with Adidas to purchase a product?
  • Are you interested in knowing the availability of a product at Adidas?
  • How to track the delivery of my order?

If you have any of these inquiries, you are at the right place! Discover right away the presentation of this fashion store as well as the details to get in touch with Adidas.

All you need to know about the Adidas brand

Adidas is an internationally recognized brand in the field of clothing, footwear, and sports equipment. Established in 1949 by Adolf Dassler, Adidas quickly emerged as one of the most iconic and influential brands in the sports industry. In Switzerland, Adidas has a broad presence with official stores and authorized retailers spread throughout the country. Whether in the main Swiss cities or on online sales sites. So, you can easily find Adidas stores.

The range of products offered is extensive, including sports shoes, sportswear, and accessories. No matter what your sports discipline is, whether you play football, basketball, running, or any other sport. So, Adidas offers items tailored to your specific needs. The brand is also known for its collaborations with world-renowned athletes. Adidas continually invests in research and development to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into its products such as cushioning, breathability, lightness, and stability to enhance sports performance. As a globally recognized and respected brand, Adidas is associated with international sports events, teams, and world-renowned athletes.

Why choose the Adidas brand?

Adidas is committed to providing high-quality products, be it shoes, clothing, or sports equipment. The materials used and manufacturing techniques ensure durability, comfort, and performance. Adidas is synonymous with iconic style and design. The brand offers products that are both functional and aesthetic, suited to current trends in sportswear fashion. Indeed, Adidas continually invests in research and development to integrate cutting-edge technologies into its products.

Adidas offers a wide selection of items for different sports and activities. Whether you are a professional athlete or a passionate amateur, you will find products tailored to your specific needs. Adidas collaborates with world-renowned athletes, designers, and other brands to create exclusive and innovative collections. These collaborations bring a unique and sought-after touch to Adidas products. Adidas is an internationally recognized brand associated with major sports events, teams, and renowned athletes. Choosing Adidas means being connected to a global network of sports and fashion enthusiasts.

Different ways to get in touch with the Adidas customer service

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter Adidas ?

Il y a diverses méthodes pour entrer en contact avec le service d’assistance d’Adidas.

Comment communiquer avec le service d’assistance d’Adidas via son site internet ?

Avant de prendre contact avec le service d’assistance de cette marque. Donc, il est recommandé de visiter leur site web En effet, vous trouverez en ligne de nombreuses informations utiles. Par ailleurs, toutes les questions fréquemment posées par les clients sont déjà traitées sur la page FAQ. En ligne, vous pouvez également consulter de nombreuses autres informations utiles.

Quelle est l’adresse de messagerie pour contacter Adidas ?

De plus, si votre requête est plutôt spécifique et complexe, vous pouvez opter pour d’autres moyens de contact. Vous pouvez contacter le service d’assistance de cette enseigne par e-mail à l’adresse suivante :

Quel est le numéro de téléphone pour contacter le service client d’Adidas ?

L’appel téléphonique est le moyen de contact le plus efficace si vous souhaitez obtenir une réponse rapide. En effet, pour toute demande urgente, n’hésitez pas à appeler le support commercial de l’entreprise en composant le +41 71 588 02 37. Le service est disponible du lundi au vendredi de 09h à 18h.

Comment suivre les actualités d’Adidas sur les réseaux sociaux ?

Enfin, vous pouvez utiliser les médias sociaux car cette entreprise est présente et accessible sur ces plateformes sociales. Pourquoi ne pas vous abonner à leur page pour suivre les actualités et les offres promotionnelles. 

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