Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter Loanboox ?

Comment contacter Loanboox ?

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  • How to get in touch with Loanboox for funding innovative projects and developing your business?
  • Do you want to learn more about the services offered by Loanboox?
  • Would you like to benefit from the expertise of experienced financial professionals?

Find in this article the presentation and various contact details to reach out to Loanboox.

Introduction to Loanboox

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter Loanboox ?

Loanboox is an online loan comparison platform that allows Swiss borrowers to find the best loan for their needs.

The platform compares offers from over 200 Swiss credit institutions, including banks, credit companies, and financial institutions.

Loanboox plays an essential role in connecting various players in the financial market. Firstly, the platform connects institutional investors with borrowers aiming to acquire residential real estate.

Likewise, it facilitates the connection between institutional investors and companies seeking to finance projects or acquisitions.

Moreover, Loanboox creates opportunities for startups and growing companies looking to finance innovative projects by connecting them with institutional investors.

Loanboox: Expanding financing opportunities through a network of institutional investors

One of Loanboox’s major strengths lies in its ability to expand financing possibilities for borrowers through its extensive network of institutional investors.

This increased accessibility provides significant advantages to borrowers in obtaining funding.

The funding application process is greatly facilitated by the platform, which automates certain steps.

Furthermore, Loanboox stands out for its commitment to transparency, providing comprehensive information regarding financing offers, including interest rates, fees, and associated conditions.

Different ways to get in touch with Loanboox

Trouver Numéro en Suisse | Comment contacter Loanboox ?

There are several ways to contact Loanboox.

How to contact Loanboox via their website?

To contact Loanboox, you can visit their official website at the following address: There, you will find a contact form to submit your questions or requests directly to the Loanboox team. Be sure to provide detailed information to facilitate their response.

How to contact Loanboox via email?

To contact Loanboox via email, please send your message to the following address: Be sure to provide all necessary information for the team to respond appropriately.

How to contact Loanboox by phone?

If you wish to contact Loanboox by phone, dial the following number: +41 55 220 78 20. Be sure to check the opening hours of the phone service to ensure prompt and efficient assistance.

How to write to Loanboox by mail?

If you prefer to contact Loanboox by postal mail, you can send your mail to the following address:


Talacker 50,

8001 Zürich,


How to follow Loanboox news on social media?

Be sure to include all necessary information in your letter to ensure an appropriate response from them.


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