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There are several reasons why you might need to get in touch with Jabra.

Introduction to the company Jabra

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Jabra is a Danish company specializing in audio products and communication solutions. It operates in over 100 countries and was founded in 1983. Jabra is particularly known for its wireless earbuds, audio headsets, and communication solutions for businesses.

In Switzerland, Jabra has also been present for several years and offers a wide range of products tailored to the needs of consumers and businesses. Jabra’s products in Switzerland are distributed by local retailers and partners, as well as through the company’s official website.

Jabra is recognized for the quality of its products, especially for its audio headsets and wireless earbuds with advanced features such as active noise cancellation, superior sound quality, and long battery life. The company is also committed to researching and developing new technologies to provide an ever-improving audio experience for its users.

Discover Jabra’s products

Jabra offers a wide range of audio products and communication solutions tailored to the needs of consumers and businesses. Here’s an overview of Jabra’s main products:

  • Audio headsets: Jabra offers a range of wired and wireless audio headsets with advanced features such as active noise cancellation, superior sound quality, long battery life, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Wireless earbuds: Jabra offers wireless earbuds, also known as « true wireless, » which provide great freedom of movement and exceptional sound quality. Some models come with advanced features such as active noise cancellation, voice command, and water resistance.
  • Communication solutions for businesses: Jabra offers a range of communication solutions for businesses, including audio headsets and speakers for calls and online meetings. These products come with advanced features such as background noise elimination, superior sound quality, and wireless connectivity for easy and convenient use.
  • Accessories: Jabra also offers a range of accessories such as Bluetooth adapters, cables, and carrying cases for audio headsets and wireless earbuds.
  • Sports and fitness: Jabra offers a range of wireless earbuds specially designed for sports and fitness activities, with advanced features such as water resistance, wireless connectivity, and long battery life.

Various ways to get in touch with Jabra

Entrer en contact avec Jabra
Pour contacter Jabra, les solutions suivantes peuvent être utilisées :Explorer le site en ligne de Jabra Vous pouvez consulter le site internet de Jabra à l’adresse suivante Là, vous pouvez trouver des renseignements sur les produits, des FAQ et des guides d’utilisation.Le contact téléphonique avec JabraSi vous souhaitez des conseils dans le choix d’un produit, Jabra propose un service client accessible par téléphone. Pour la Suisse, le numéro de téléphone à composer est le +41 225 180 194.L’adresse e-mail pour communiquer avec Jabra Les conseillers, très réactifs aux demandes des clients, sont également joignables par e-mail. Vous pouvez aussi entrer en contact avec Jabra  par e-mail en utilisant l’adresse suivante Jabra sur les réseaux sociauxJabra est aussi présent sur les réseaux sociaux. Vous pouvez envoyer un message ou laisser un commentaire pour entrer en contact avec l’entreprise.Facebook : Twitter : LinkedIn : 


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